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Best Places to visit in Ecuador

Best Places to visit in Ecuador

There are some beautiful places in Ecuador. Here, we present our recommendations of the 10 places in Ecuador. Guayaquil is the biggest city in the country and one of the places to go in Ecuador that every list out there recommends. Guayllabamba Zoo is the perfect place for getting an up-close look at Ecuador’s wildlife. You can also do a variety of different activities in this Ecuador destination that draw from the traditions and heritage of the country, such as taking a cooking class, weaving or visiting an embroidery workshop, or hiking, horseback, or biking riding through the stunning outdoors.

Santa clam Cruz

Santa clam Cruz is actually property to several of the most ideal dining establishments, coffee shops, medspas, as well as purchasing chances on the isles. This is actually additionally where you can easily discover the Charles Darwin Research Center, which is actually installed alongside the great Red Mangrove Hotel. The Red Mangrove Hotel is actually additionally where you may appreciate some scrumptious lunch times as well as suppers.

Carondelet Palace

Carondelet Palace is the center of all government activity in Ecuador. A mural of the Amazon River by Oswaldo Guaysamin, a local artist, is the highlight of the palace’s exquisite interior.


Quito is actually the capital urban area of Ecuador and also the 2nd greatest in the nation. Right here you can easily explore the lovely historic facility, which is actually a World Cultural Heritage Site. You may additionally go to the “Mitad del Mundo” or even Middle of the World.

Plaza de la Independencia

Plaza de la Independencia is surrounded by four historic buildings that form Quito’s tourist. The plaza also holds a monument to the Heroes de la Independencia, a memorial that was built during the 20th century.